Sakura Haruno is the main love interest of Sasuke Uchiha in Konoha High School. She's a student of Konoha Gakuen and is on the last year of school.She's seventeen years old and the main protagonist of the series.

Appearance Edit

Sakura is a fair-skinned girl with green eyes and bright pink hair.Sakura was often called "forehead girl" by Karin and her friends due to the fact she has a wide forehead.A notable trait of Sakura is her hair.At first,Her hair was long(due to the fact there was a rumor that Sasuke liked girls with long hair),only to have it cut by Karin in chapter 2.


Sakura's personality is pretty unique. At times, she can be quiet and sensitive, yet there are also times where she acts childish or playfully and more openly. At the beginning of the series, she envies Ino due to how easy she can express her thoughts in loud voice, barely considering the consequences. Sakura also proved to have a bit of a pervert side, when she was walking she couldn't stop thinking about Sasuke's half naked body and "the things he was going to do to her". Sakura seems to have matured throughout the series, just like her love for Sasuke matured from a simple crush to true love. Inside Sakura's mind exists an "Inner Sakura", a black version of her which often appears in her thoughts and yells her opinion. Apart from comic relief, Inner Sakura provides Sakura's true opinion about matters, frequently those which she doesn't dare to tell another person, not even her friends.